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10 Questions for the presidential candidates

I’m off to a late start on this post, given how many balls I have in the air, but I wanted to let you all know about a project by the folks at techPresident — Andrew Rasiej, Micah L. Sifry, and David Colarusso — they have launched A joint venture with the NYT editorial board and, the project gives you the opportunity to ask questions of the candidates for a forum geared for the web. As we have seen over and over, most campaigns don’t get the web, blogs or how to harness the Internet to reach out to the people. The uncertainty, the lack of control of message, the nearly instant has politicians wary. They need to see how it all can work to their advantage by directly engaging with the voters out there via the web.

How does it work? From the editors at techPresident:

On anyone will be able to directly pose video questions to the candidates for President and choose which ones they most want answered. Candidates will be able answer in detail and without the time limits imposed by traditional televised or on-stage debates. And citizens in turn will be able to give the candidates feedback on whether they actually answer those questions.

Now, what do you do to participate?

1. Record a video question to the presidential candidates.

2. Post your question on YouTube, MySpace Yahoo Video, or  with a “10questions” tag and a descriptive title so it can be found.

3. You get to vote on the best questions.

4. The top ten questions are selected.

5. On November 14  voting ends, and the 10 questions receiving the most votes will be submitted to all the major candidates.

6. The candidates will have four weeks — November 17 to December 15 — to submit answers to be posted online by techPresident.

7. You get to vote on those responses —  up or down, on whether the candidates have skirted or answered the questions. You can vote on as many of the videos as you want, but only one vote per IP address to prevent “ballot box stuffing.” The voting period ends December 31.

Some tips on give your video a shot at making the cut:

* Don’t ramble. Formulate a tight question.

* Be specific and use an example in your question to illustrate your point.

* Remember to tag your video with 10Questions (and Pam’s House Blend so I can see how many folks submitted as a result of reading this post).

* And of course – try to cover topics that candidates have not addressed or haven’t been asked about because it’s outside the mainstream thinking of most folks. I’m sure you all will have no trouble there.

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