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Why We Call Them The ComPost

goobers.jpgCharming little vignettes concerning that bastion of truthiness and pro-Republican slantitude, the Washington Post:

— Watch the WaPo’s Howie Kurtz flog his new book and spew silliness about the US media and Iraq! Watch Jon Stewart rip him to shreds! (h/t Crooks and Liars)

— The WaPo nearly widdles on itself in glee as it uses a British judge’s ruling to beat up on Al Gore on the front page. Except, as Robert Parry of The Consortium points out, Judge Burton’s ruling was not exactly error-free. Oops. (Tim Lambert has more at Deltoid.)

— Rabid neocon nutball, Pam Oshry type-alike and WaPo columnist Charles Krauthammer channels Dr. Strangelove, or How He Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Hillary Clinton. (Note to Senator Clinton: Some endorsements you can do without. Trust me on this one.)

— Speaking of Hillary Clinton, WP reporter Anne Kornblut seems to have problems with accurately reproducing quotes from the senator.

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