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Open thread – The official GOP Clown Car graphic

I sent an email to Liss at Shakes Sis today, thanking her for the cool graphic that she whipped up for my “endorsement” from the Christian Civic League of Maine. I happened to mention to her that I was looking for an image to use for the Pam’s House Blend 2008 GOP Clown Car. Lo and behold, this came in my inbox:

  I didn't have room for Hunter, Keyes, and Tancredo, but I managed to fit the seven biggest clowns in the bunch: Rudy “Popo” Giuliani, Fred “Bobo” Thompson, Mitt “Dodo” Romney, Sam “Coco” Brownback, Mike “Hoho” Huckabee, Ron “RoPo” Paul, and John “Assho” McCain. Honk honk!

Chat away, it’s an open thread. What are folks blogging about?

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding