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FISA Update

Via Laura Rozen–there are several interesting things in this article. First, Bush has given over the family jewels–the legal opinions justifying their illegal domestic wiretapping program. He has given them to SJC, but not to HJC.

Across the Capitol, Senate Intelligence Chairman John D. RockefellerIV, D W.Va., said his staff Tuesday reviewed legal opinions and otherdocuments the panel had sought related to the NSA program. He said hisstaff was allowed to take notes, but he hadn’t been briefed on theircontents yet and intended to view them for himself.


House Judiciary Chairman John Conyers, Jr.,D-Mich., in a letter to White House counsel Fred Fielding, complainedthat the documents were being provided to Senate Intelligence, but notto his panel or the House Intellligence Committee.

I’m betting that in approximately 4 days, the Republicans will accuse Democrats of leaking materials that were actually leaked by Richard Shelby.

Second, it appears that Republican posturing about a bill is now considered news.

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