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Will Mary Cheney be out of a job?

AOL to cut global work force 20 percent. She probably has nothing to worry about, as things go with the privileged set. Mary Cheney was hired with great fanfare by AOL back in 2005, brought on as chief of staff for AOL vice chairman Ted Leonsis. 

Who knows, though, since the former ISP powerhouse is relocating its headquarters from Dulles, VA to NYC. Mary Cheney and Heather Poe (and little Samuel) live in Virginia.

The cuts affect about 1,200 positions in the United States, including 750 in northern Virginia, where AOL has long had its headquarters.

Most of the affected employees in the U.S. were to be informed and terminated Tuesday, while reductions abroad were expected by year's end. Severance packages are to include at least four months' pay.

None of the reductions is directly related to AOL's recent announcement that it was moving its headquarters to New York to be closer to the media advertising industry. Most of those employees already work in New York.

…Workers at AOL's Dulles, Va., campus had speculated for weeks that big layoffs were coming. Speculation intensified last week, when workers reported seeing large pallets of empty cardboard shipping boxes arrive at an AOL warehouse, presumably for laid-off workers to empty their desks.

If they have to relocate to NYC, they'd have more favorable partnership rights than they do in Virginia.

[Oh, and yes, that is what Mary's book is selling for at Amazon right now. Shipping is $3.99.]

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