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Vatican Vice

I so ripped off this story idea off from Ask a Lesbian, But I just couldn’t help myself, because this is just the kind of story a Butt Talking Lesbian Surf Mom can get her teeth into. I only hope I don't go to hell for writing this one.

Seems a Vatican official,Monsignor Tommaso Stenico, was suspended after being caught on a hidden camera making sexual advances to a young man. But the good Monsignor says he is not gay but only pretending to be gay as part of his work as a deep undercover investigator for “Vatican Vice”.

The intrepid undercover rev said in an interview published Sunday with La Repubblica, that he had indeed been suspended from his post at the Congregation for the Clergy, a Vatican office that oversees all Catholic clergy matters, after getting caught when a hidden camera recorded him making advances to a young man and saying that gay sex was not sinful, even though official church doctrine says otherwise.

The Queen of the Surf Pirates crack investigative reporting staff caughtup with Monsignor Stenico, who has been known to hang around the Vatican’s St Peter Square in his Red Lamborghini, sporting trendy linen suits, over a pastel t- shirts and wearing shoes with no socks, in the company of his pet alligator, Elvis, at his residence, a 40 foot sail boat, to ask him about his claims he that frequented online gay chat rooms and met with gay men as part of an undercover sting operation that is now being disavowed by the his superiors at the Vatican.

The Monsignor stated to us that his actions were all part of a covert investigation to gather information about “those who damage the image of the Church with homosexual activity.” He also said “I really believe that there is a diabolic plan by Satanist groups who take aim at priests.” And he added he was only there “to study how priests are ensnared”.

Monsignor Stenico also said would have been able to prove everything he is saying except the tape that gave him his secret instructions self destructed 15 seconds after is was done playing and that when he was suspended he was “this close” to busting an evil gay Cardinal, who used to be a CIA agent, and his gang of cocaine running, devil worshiping, killer Columbian friars. The Monsignor also said that he really wished that the television crew that recorded his meeting had used the same kind of self-destructing tape as his secret instructions had been recorded on.

With all of the trouble that Monsignor Stenico has landed in one can only hope that he at least gets his own really cool sound track written by Jan Hammer and Phil Collins.

This is Wishing you peace,love and good waves…  I'm out for now.