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Studies In Wingnuttery: Rep. Joe Knollenberg’s Chief Of Staff

Watch until the end — Rep. Joe Knollenberg’s Chief Of Staff, Trent Wisecup, thinks people who disagree with him are unAmerican…

Conservative wingnut Trent Wisecup, a political activist and former NRO writer turned chief of staff for Michigan Republican Joe Knollenberg, shows us just what prolonged exposure to the kool-aid can do to rot your brain. In Trent’s world, if you disagree with his viewpoint you are unAmerican.  That includes wanting health coverage for at risk kids.

Guess more than 70% of Americans disagree with you there, Trent. Nice going with pulling a nutter on camera, though, makes for some good teevee. Great “constituent services” you have there, Rep. Knollenberg:  nice to see you respect the opinions of those you are elected to serve. Not.

And, by the way, you still failed to answer the questions on SCHIP.  Nice way to put the Republican party and George Bush above all of your constituents, sir.

Please keep those calls and FAXes and other contacts on SCHIP going today.  Your call could make all the difference.


(Table on the costs of Iraq versus children’s health care via

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Christy Hardin Smith

Christy Hardin Smith

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