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Culture of corruption? In the USAF?

“I really didn’t do anything for C.R.I.” Mr. Riechers told The Post. “I got a paycheck from them.”

Top Air Force Official Dies in Apparent Suicide


“The official, Charles D. Riechers, 47, came under scrutiny by the Senate Armed Services Committee earlier this month after the Air Force arranged for him to be paid $13,400 a month by a private contractor, Commonwealth Research Institute, while he awaited review from the White House of his appointment as principal deputy assistant secretary for acquisition. He was appointed to the job in January.”

You do nothing, collect a fairly hefty check from a private contractor while serving as second in command of procurement…whoa…what a sweet deal!

No small wonder the guy got jumpy and apparently committed suicide when the Senate Armed Services Committee started asking questions.

But the bigger issue here is the extensive, and virtually unmonitored activities of private contractors during Bush's folly. 

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