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Hillary Says Lieberman “Sanctimonious”

lieb021403hs.jpgHendrik Hertzberg has a rundown of the PR fit pitched by the RNC after Brit Hume committed the grand apostasy of saying Hillary Clinton’s laugh “is always disarming, always engaging, and always attractive.” Their electronic “research briefing” was quickly launched in opposition to this outrageous breach of approved degrading anti-Clinton rhetoric, worming its way through the bowels of right wing media until it emerged from a rather low orifice:

Media Matters, the indefatigable Web site that chronicles conservative broadcasting, kept track. Sean Hannity played an audio clip seven times and described the candidate’s laughter as “frightening.” Bill O’Reilly trotted out a Fox News “body-language expert” to pronounce the laughter “evil.” Dick Morris, the onetime Clinton adviser turned full-time Clinton trasher, described it as “loud, inappropriate, and mirthless.” Further down the evolutionary scale, the right-wing blogs bloomed like a staph infection.

I just have nothing to add to that.

He also offers a graf from Arthur M. Schlesinger’s recently published journals:

I made the point that the liberals had stood by Clinton while the DLC [Democratic Leadership Council] people had deserted him and described the miserable [Senator Joseph I.] Lieberman as a “sanctimonious prick.” Hillary said, “Well, he is certainly sanctimonious,” but showed no eagerness to pursue this line of thought.

I could probably enlarge on that a bit, but it wouldn’t be anything I haven’t said before.

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