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Bean at LG&M points out the problems with the Bush model S-CHIP:

Just so the consequences of Bush’s veto of S-CHIP are 100% clear: it’s not just that kids who need health insurance but aren’t currently covered are screwed. Kids who are currently receiving health insurance through S-CHIP may also be facing the S-CHOP (har har). Take, for example, some 11,000 kids in New Jersey. But wait! There’s more. Because while New Jersey will sweep 11,000 kids out of healthcare, that’s a small number compared to the nationwide estimates.:


They are not looking at the consequences of this for families and children that are going to lose out,” said Ann Martinez, 28, an administrative assistant. She said that she earns too much money to qualify for Medicaid, the government health insurance program for the poor, but that she cannot afford the $500 a month it would cost her for coverage for her two children.

Ms. Martinez, who earns $47,000 a year, is covered under her employer’s health plan, but her children are covered by New Jersey Family Care….

Well first of all it is quite obvious by her name that Ms. Martinez (the “Ms.” is a tip-off. Unwed whore!) is not an American and someone should drive by her casa house and demand to see her green card, proof of car insurance, all sales receipts from the past three years , how much loose change is in her car ashtray, and what is in her refrigerator (Sunny Delight? Spendthrift tramp!). Then she needs to explain why she had two kids when she obviously can’t afford them even though she makes $47,000 a year which is like, almost a half million dollars over ten years, and don’t you think that a lot of real Americans would like to be a half-millionaire? Well, of course they would.

God, I hate selfish people. Particularly single mother trollops who are trying to provide for their kids when they should be putting them up for adoption for better off families who would love to welcome another child into the mix providing that the kid isn’t too, y’know, brown because then they might clash with the curtains.

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