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John Dean: Back for More!

419lqccl3bl_aa240_.jpgTomorrow’s FDL book salon is going to be a rare treat — it marks the return of John Dean, who will be here talking about his book Broken Government: How Republican Rule Destroyed the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Branches. John Dean, many will recall, was one of the most popular guests we’ve had on the salon, who took the time to answer almost everyone’s questions — and then came back the next day to answer those that he missed. (He even dropped an anecdote about Rumsfeld that made Nixon scholars and journalists sit up and take note.)

John’s new book is great, and we’re going to be helping him later in the year get copies to every Democratic congressional nominee. While incumbents have DC offices and are going to be easy to get copies to, we’re going to be asking folks to take books that John himself will pay for to Democratic challengers in their areas. We’ll be asking you to document your trips on Flickr and will be using them here on FDL (thanks to TWolf for scoping that out for us).

It’s an important book and I’m really excited not only that John will be here tomorrow, but that we’ll get the chance to help expose people to his work. Please join us with guest host Elaine Cassel of FindLaw on Sunday at a special Book Salon time — 2:30-4:30 ET/11:30-1:30 PT and have your questions ready.

Dollars to donuts you’ll get them answered.

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Jane Hamsher

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