Alan Chambers, the president of Exodus International, has a release up on the “ex-gay” organization's web siteto commemorate the eleventh annual National Coming Out of Homosexuality Day, defined by Exodus as “a day to honor the changed lives of thousands of men and women who formerly identified themselves as gay.”

Read and weep.

“As one of thousands who have experienced change, I know that there is life beyond homosexuality,” said Alan Chambers, President of Exodus International. “A way out of the isolation and emptiness that many experience in gay life is available to anyone.”

Chambers notes that the ex-gay movement is growing and reaching greater, more diverse audiences. “We continue to see a greater demand for the message of hope and change. The growth within our network as well as the increase in calls from those desiring our help demonstrate that many want more than the same tired 'born-gay' mantra our culture has fed them. Today, we celebrate the reality of changed lives and look toward more opportunities to share this truth.”

Of course I had to laugh out loud, because, only a couple of weeks ago, Chambers was bleating the party line at the poorly attended Family Impact Summit sponsored by the Focus on the Anus-affiliated Florida Family Policy Council,  Tony Perkins' Family Research Council, and others. Ezra at Right Wing Watch was there to hear this unhinged nonsense.

In fact, the phrase “militant gay activist” was bandied around so much, I felt silly for having left my weaponry at home … I was also ashamed not to fit Chambers' image of what a gay man is: a “jaunty mustached muscleman,” apparently, in contrast to the “nice young people, old people, and attractive women” progressives are said to use in our commercials and media campaigns.

Since Alan is so certain about the ability of Exodus to help homos to pray the gay away, how does he justify the “collateral damage” that occurs when prayer just can't keep these folks on the straight-line wagon. As I said yesterday in the Coming Out Day post, Truth Wins Out's has an excellent video on the unsuccessful recloseted homosexual stories that leave families is disarray. Naturally, Exodus doesn't have these testimonials on its web site.

Hat tip, Scott.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding