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What’s a Michigan Democrat to do?

I feel I’m caught with no good choices. This tale is, of course, getting lots of air-time in Michigan, but I don’t know how much elsewhere.

Michigan is reeling. Unemployment is 7%, the auto industry is shedding jobs (I took a “special early” retirement last February), and house foreclosures abound (including the house next door). Because of term limits (no experienced legislators) and faltering economy the Mich. gov’t can’t pass a budget (we even had a 5 hour gov’t shutdown).

One thing the legislature could do was move the Michigan presidential primaries to January 15, giving both Iowa and New Hampshire fits. Sitting with the rest of the pack on February 5 wasn’t good enough. I can understand the reasoning, and even agree with it.

But the Democratic National Committee isn’t buying. To protect the first in the country status of IA and NH, the DNC threatened to not seat delegates at next summer’s convention. Next, all  Dem candidates agreed not to campaign in Michigan (though fund-raising will continue). With all the media sources (especially blogs and YouTube), that didn’t seem to be much of a hardship. Easier to tune them out.

The biggest blow came today when 5 candidates, Obama, Edwards, Richardson, Gravel, and Kucinich requested their names be taken off the primary ballot. Hillary will stay on the ballot.

Of course, the GOP candidates are delighted. They have no trouble with a January 15 primary and appreciate the lack of competition. They even held a debate in Dearborn yesterday (Fred Thompson’s first).

So what’s a Michigan Democrat to do? My favorite candidate won’t be on the ballot. It was someone who I thought had a reasonable chance to win and who wasn’t Hillary. Should I boycott the primary? Put my preference down as a write-in candidate? Write letters to the candidates to say how disgusted I am with having no choice? Ask my state legislators to move the date back to Feb. 5? Any other ideas?

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