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gauntletThe gauntlet is down dept: Ezra Klein has invited La MalKKKin to debate health care in any forum of her choosing (aside from, obviously, Hot Air TV). She will, of course, decline because:

a) She is a coward.

b) She is a know-nothing blowhard who is long on fauxtrage but desperately short on facts.

c) She knows that Britney freaking Spears could wipe the floor with her in a substantive discussion of health care, let alone an erudite policy wonk like Ezra.

I would love to see it, but it will never happen. You could even make a drinking game out of her melodramatic eye-rolling, hair-flipping, and high-handed attempts to portray herself as the victim of a liberal smear.

We don’t call the act of launching a vicious all-out land war against someone and them leaping on to a table squealing, “Eek! Eek! I’m the victim here!” a Reverse Malkin for nothing.

Digby, Maha, and Neiwert have been on fire through the whole of l’Affaire Frost. What Digby considers an almost perfunctory “Update” is a rhetorical thunderclap that most bloggers could dine out on for a week:

Update II: Also be sure to read this by John Cole and this by Joe Gandelman, neither of whom are bleeding heart liberals. But they both have beating hearts, which seems to be something these right wingers are missing.

Cole runs down some of the appalling self-righteousness that’s pouring out of the right today and says:

I simply can not believe this is what the Republican party has become. I just can’t. It just makes me sick to think all those years of supporting this party, and this is what it has become. Even if you don’t like the S-Chip expansion, it is hard to deny what Republicans are- a bunch of bitter, nasty, petty, snarling, sneering, vicious thugs, peering through people’s windows so they can make fun of their misfortune.

And I’m sure many of them call themselves Christians too.

I do hope that Howard Kurtz is being apprised of his favorite blogger’s (“charming one moment and pugnacious the next”) activities these past couple of days. I’m sure he’d hate to be left out of the loop on all the great work she’s doing for America:

Sadly, No! are doing yeoman’s work on all this mess.

And then there’s this.

In totally unrelated (or not) news, I have a proposition for a t-shirt design. It would read:

One Alabama Baptist minister.

One dildo wrapped in a latex condom.

Two wet suits, a face mask, diving gloves and slippers, rubberized underwear, and a head mask.

What could possibly go wrong?

It’s the second wet-suit that demonstrates the seriousness of this guy’s commitment, here. You kind of have to hand it to him.

In good Alabama news, they’ve elected their first ever openly gay man to office. See? Not everyone down here south of Washington, DC has an IQ that qualifies them for federal disability. The south is a lot more progressive than people realize. You don’t have the kind of grinding, bitter poverty that we have here without churning out some liberal voters.

And, well, that’s what I’ve got.

Thanks for letting me share.

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