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Gonzales Seems to Expect More Trouble

Or at least that’s one thing we might surmise from the news that Gonzales hired George Terwilliger to represent him just after he resigned (h/t bmaz).

No sooner did Alberto Gonzales resign as attorney general last monththan he retained a high-powered Washington criminal-defense lawyer torepresent him in continuing inquiries by Congress and the JusticeDepartment.


The top concern for Gonzales, and now Terwilliger, is the expandinginvestigation by Glenn Fine, the Justice Department’s fiercelyindependent inspector general, according to three legal sourcesfamiliar with the matter who declined to speak publicly about ongoinginvestigations. Originally, Fine’s internal Justice probe—conducted inconjunction with lawyers from the department’s Office of ProfessionalResponsibility—focused on the mass dismissal of U.S. attorneys latelast year. The investigation has since broadened to include, amongother matters, charges that Gonzales lied to Congress about the Bushadministration’s warrantless surveillance program and the circumstancessurrounding his late-night March 10, 2004, visit to the hospital roomof then attorney general John Ashcroft.

Here’s the requisite Isikoff credulity, which is (as usual) telling in and of itself.

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