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Educating, The Unprogressive!

The GLBTI community, along with their allies, must construct a firm foundation of harmony and unwavering solidarity, in order to achieve unconditional inclusion for Unequivocal Equality, as well as Basic Human & Civil Rights, bringing to fruition a positive solution, not revolution.
~Mekah Gordon, Ph.D., L. E.


 I've found it exceedingly easy to offend hypocrites, and thus shake them from their stoic perches.
It just takes a little bit of truth to power, and the courage to be unpopular.

In order to achieve the same rights, without compromise, there are NO other options, than Unequivocal Equality.

My interest & involvement in politics, has stretched as far back as 3 decades.
What I have learned within that period, is when pandering candidate's agenda's can be assimilated as if “Leopards” putting on a shirt & tie, in an effort to hide their “spot's,” being cautiously optimistic, is truly a virtue.

Anyone, who resorts to violence, and/or instigates others through prejudice, utilizing this as a method for a discriminatory agenda, abandoning civility, for a Neanderthal mentality, apparently lacks any sense of human compassion, fed by an arrogant, bias, & virulent mind.

There is a pinnacle necessity, to establish Diversity Education Curriculums in every Public School District, in order STOP the incessant, daily provocative persecution of GLBTI individuals, and/or anyone who are deemed “Different,” by the Bullying, Harassment, and Hate, of fellow student pariahs.

It is the responsibility, obligation, & ultimate accountability of every School District, Teacher, Administrator, as well as it's Community, to ensure that all students receive a stress free education, without intimidation, bullying, harassment, discrimination, bias, hate, & judgment of any kind, whatsoever!

Not pursuing the implementation for these types of curriculums in our school's, are only encouraging an open environment of anxiety, frustration, lack of learning, and the ultimate option, for suicide. 

“Go confidently in the Direction of your Dreams. 
Live the life you have Imagined.”  

~Henry David Thoreau

Love, Peace, Unequivocal Equality, & Solidarity ~

~Mekah Gordon, PhD, L. E.~
Pioneering, Frontier Renaissance Woman, & Visionary

Human Rights Advocate/Activist – Educator/Consultant – Freelance Writer-TG Issues – Santa Fe Regional Editor & Board Member/For The Normal Heart Newspaper – Member of the NMSPC {New Mexico Suicide Prevention Coalition}, Recipient, of the prestige's, “2007 Commitment to Care Award”  from the Alliance for Gender Awareness – Full membership World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) Formerly known as the Harry Benjamin Gender Dysphoria Association (HBIGDA), Board Member of the Emerald City Foundation/RainbowVision. 

Founder/CEO ~
S. U. R. E. Foundation®

22 Juego Rd.
Santa Fe, NM 87508-4298


*In order to achieve the same rights, without compromise, there are NO other options, than Unequivocal Equality.
~ Mekah Gordon

*The word, “Tolerance,” no matter how you bend it, twist it, or turn it inside out,Reeks of Discrimination.
RESPECT,” however, eradicates implicitness for bigotry, hate, bias, & prejudice.

~Mekah Gordon

*No One on this planet, should ever have, or be granted the power, right, nor stand in judgment, of anyone's Basic Human Civil Rights, by enforcing through Constitutional Decree, or otherwise, whom one should love, and marry, NO ONE!
~Mekah Gordon

*It's the Tenacity, Persistence, Fortitude, & Faith, that's perennial, in those of us, who refuse to give up, in our pursuit for Unequivocal Equality, & Basic Human Civil Rights.
~Mekah Gordon

*Transitionally Speaking: Quotes, From a Pioneering, Frontier Renaissance Woman
© 2007 Mekah Gordon, All Rights Reserved

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