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Speaking Of People With A Tendency To Cave…

feinsteincoverfaceinshame.jpgThought this might be some useful information for our California readers, especially those who may work in the downtown SanFran area.  Local activist groups have organized a rally in front of DiFi’s SanFran office — to protest her caving on the Southwick nomination, and to showcase the opposition to Southwick from her constituents. has the scoop, including more area actions on this to come, and location information for this particular action:

11 a.m. Tuesday outside 1 Post St. (at Market and Montgomery streets) in San Francisco

Additionally, some folks have put together a fairly comprehensive catalogue of DiFi and Southwick, including YouTubes and other information on contacting the Senator to voice your feelings on her vote.  (H/T to Howie for sending me this link.)

This isn’t just useful information on DiFi, though, it’s a great blueprint for putting together local action of your own across the country.  Confronting our legislators when they take incorrect steps isn’t just a healthy blowing off steam moment — it is our responsibility as citizens to hold these elected officials to the principles that we elect them to uphold.  The bay area site as well as the Southwick pressure site are two good examples of how to do this on the internet — and in person.  And are sites I recommend everyone peruse. 

Then think about how to apply some of these tactics in your own backyard.

Writing letters to the editor, to your elected officials, calling local talk radio, making phone calls, showing up in person in front of these folks’ various offices, making an appointment to sit down and talk with your elected officials and their staff, showing up at scheduled public events and speaking your mind, videotaping public events and asking questions there and then sending that tape around for others to see…it all adds up. 

It’s a marathon, not a sprint — but we have to do the legwork if we’re even going to participate meaningfully in it.  Do click through the links above — there is a lot of inspiration to be found in all of them.  Now, let’s get to work…

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Christy Hardin Smith

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