So we beat on, boats against the current,
borne back ceaselessly into the past

– The Great Gatsby

Sensing her sixty seconds of infamy slipping away, Kathy Shaidle at Sixty Inches of Spittle defends herself:

One commenter is obsessed with the fact that I was on disability during my big lupus flare up. Which is true. I was actually disabled, i.e. couldn’t get out of bed for more than an hour or two a day. That’s what government disability is supposed to be for, not the able bodied people who are on it.

I hated myself every single second and got off the rolls as soon as I could, in 1995. I’ve worked ever since and paid back every cent in taxes, many times over.

Was all my health care “free”? Yep, this is Canada. Again, my tax dollars at work.

However, if Canada didn’t have “free” health care, or if I had been born in America, I would have simply started paying private insurance premiums as early as possible. That’s the kind of person I am. If you’re not, well, that’s your problem, not mine.

Knowing my mother, she would have gotten me a plan as a kid. I’ve had a funeral plot since the day I was born (thanks mom for paying the big $50 for that forty three years ago), a bank account since age 8 (how do people not have bank accounts for chrissakes?), a will since I was 19. You get the idea. My mother was a thrice-married high school drop out and even she managed to be pragmatic, a word she’d never be able to spell or define. What’s your excuse?

So I would have purchased private health insurance as a matter of course if it had been a societal expectation and requirement.

But it wasn’t and I couldn’t so I didn’t.

Well, of course she woulda, coulda, but did’nta. It’s just that simple even though it is quite possible that, as a lupus sufferer, she might have found it difficult to find an insurer who was willing to cover her considering her condition, but those are just details and it is in the details where the devil resides, so let’s not go there. But if Kathy is going to back into the past to prove what a unselfish little trooper she is, maybe she can somehow change history and see to it that some of that Canadian “free healthcare” that has made her life manageable becomes a reality in the good old US 0f A for families like the Frosts. Sure it wouldn’t be easy, but maybe if she panicked for some reason, jumped off the walkway and crushed a butterfly, history would be changed and Al Gore would be president, we wouldn’t be in a needless war in Iraq, and thousands of Americans wouldn’t be dead, Oh, and Canada would have won at least one Stanley Cup championship since the 92-93 season..

Unfortunately Kathy would still be a bitter little misanthrope, because there is so little time and there is so much that needs changing…

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