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Transgender Protests At HRC Dinner & Speaker Pelosi's SF Office

Transsexual Menace Protest April 2004It was a predictable response to many transgender people’s perception of being treated unequally.

Transgender Protest At HRC Dinner 06 October 2007It harkens back to 2004, before all of the major LGBT non-profits and civil rights organizations banded together to only support a transgender inclusive ENDA.  It harkens back to when the Transsexual Menace protested the HRC, right before the HRC announced that the organization would only support a transgender inclusive ENDA.

Transgender Protest At HRC Dinner 07 October 2007Transgender people protested in front of the HRC’s dinner in Washington DC.

Protest At The San Francisco Office Of Speaker PelosiTransgender people protested in fron of Speaker Pelosi’s office in San Francisco.

As time goes on, there will be more protests.  Transgender people will likely be protesting at nearly every event where the HRC has a presence.

My friend Kathy emailed me to say that the HRC wasn’t at OutFest in Philadelphia. She wrote:

It’s the first time that any of us can remember that that HRC did not have a presence at this extremely important community event.  Leaders in the Philadelphia HRC steering committee signed the recent letter expressing the deep concern of so many in the community over HRC’s lonely insistence in not opposing an ENDA that doesn’t cover the entire community. Many other steering committee members have expressed their solidarity with the overwhelming majority of the LGBT community on this issue.

I don’t think the local steering committees reluctance to represent HRC at one of the major LGBT events in Philadelphia is a coincidence.

(Video of transgender people protesting the HRC Dinner held on October 6th after the break)
Transgender Protest At HRC Dinner – 06Oct2007

I just can’t help but wonder if dividing the LGBT community over a stripped-down ENDA — and ENDA that may pass one house of congress, but not likely both houses,  and even if it did pass both houses will receive a promised veto from the current White House — well, is the cost of dividing the LGBT community going to be worth any benefit that this stripped down ENDA will provide the LGB portion of the LGBT community?  I really, really doubt it.


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