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Health Care for Kids: Because Some Things Are Not Negotiable

kids.jpgSince the passage of the S-CHIP bill, the DCCC has been running a campaign of phone calls and radio ads to pressure Republicans who voted against it into switching their vote and overturning Bush’s veto. House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn says 15 GOP votes will do the trick.

But what about the five Democrats who voted against it, and still refuse to switch their vote?

We applaud the DCCC’s efforts to pressure those Republicans who side with George Bush against American kids. And this morning Blue America is joining with BlogPac to do the same thing by placing recorded calls in the districts of the five Democrats:

Jim Marshall (GA)
Baron Hill (IN)
Gene Taylor (MS)
Bob Etheridge (NC)
Mike McIntyre (NC)

The Democratic House leadership put the hammer down and representatives like Dan Boren and Heath Shuler switched their votes in favor of S-CHIP, but these five Bush Dogs continue to religiously support the Bush administration’s short-sighted, inhumane and regressive policies.

We’ve asked you to reach out and call the offices of these Representatives, and now we’re stepping up our efforts.

These calls were recorded by Michelle James, a full time working mother who can’t afford health care for her son who has bronchitis. You can hear one of the calls here.

While we believe that there should be a big tent within the Democratic party, there are some issues that are not negotiable, and making sure kids have health care is one of them.

The calls are being paid for by the Blue America PAC and BlogPac any contribution you might like to make to support this effort would be greatly appreciated. Use can use ActBlue to donate here.

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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