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Dubai and Iraq: Attacking Iran Is Sheer Idiocy

bushaccomplished.jpgDear George W. Bush —

Prominent officials in Iraq and Dubai have a message for you concerning your well-known hard-on for attacking Iran:


First, here’s Iraq’s National Security Adviser Mowaffak al-Rubaie on the subject:

“Attacking Iran? I say a big fat no. It’s a fatal mistake,” al-Rubaie said. “It should never be an option at all.”

Rubaie said any attack on Iran would set the whole Middle East ablaze and Iraq would suffer the most.

“It is not a strategy. It’s a mistake of Chernobyl magnituded,” he maintained, adding, “What we need from the United States is to engage seriously with Iran.”


The whole area will be in flames, and Iraq will be the battlefield for all this, and we will pay heavily.”

Sorry, Mr. al-Rubaie, but Bush doesn’t give a rip so long as nobody he cares about is adversely affected. Yeah, as you say, Iraq will get even bloodier than it is now — and the de facto Shiite truce where American troops are concerned will be forever blown to shreds as Iraqi Shiites will seek revenge on us for the attacks levelled by Bush against their fellow Shia in Iran. But Bush really couldn’t care less.

Next, we have Dubai’s chief of police, General Dhahi Khalfan Tamim:

DUBAI (AFP) – Dubai‘s influential police chief has said Western powers should be warned that their relations with Gulf Arab states would suffer if they launch a military strike on Iran over its nuclear programme.

General Dhahi Khalfan Tamim, whose remarks often reflect the views of the political establishment in the United Arab Emirates, said Gulf “leaders should tell America and the West that ‘an attack would have negative consequences for our relations with you.'”


“We feel great concern about voices in the West, particularly in the United States, speaking of an eventual strike against Iran,” added, expressing discomfort with the prospect of Iran effectively closing off the Straits of Ormuz, through which one quarter of the world’s petroleum is shipped.

Yeah, closing off the Straits of Ormuz (or Hormuz) would be a total effing badass bummer, but again, Bush doesn’t care. It’s no skin off his nose, or reduction in his capital gains. Sucks to be everyone else, though.

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