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Pelosi Praises Fox For Their Efforts to “Reverse Global Warming,” and Pigs Fly


I know how it goes, you’re on Fox News and you’re trying to be gracious and struggling for something nice to say about them, but really:

Nancy Pelosi: May I commend Newscorp for your initiative to make the corporation carbon neutral and the leadership you’re providing in reversing global warming. It’s not only great that you’re doing it because it’s such a big corporation, it’s a wonderful model. So look at that, Fox News leading the way in environmental protection and reversing global warning.

You might want to have a look at the Robert Greenwald YouTube above, Madam Speaker. Chris Wallace looks about as shocked to hear that as I was.

I particularly like the part where Sterling Burnett says “you don’t go see Joseph Goebbels’ film to see the truth about Nazi Germany, and you don’t want to go to see Al Gore’s film to see the truth about global warming.”

Haven’t heard much from the ADL condemning that one. I think Glenn Greenwald’s question about how deep Rupert Murdoch’s pockets go is one that needs answering.

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