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Maine: laughable fundie news brief about Seven Straight Nights for Equal Rights

I don't know how I get on some of these fundie mailing lists, but I received a missive from Mike Hein of the Christian Civic League of Maine about the plans for the organization to proselytize at an event on Sunday by Soulforce and Atticus Circle at the state capitol to kick off “Seven Straight Nights for Equal Rights.” From CCLM's “report“:

The national pro homosexual group that calls itself “Soulforce” is coming to Maine this weekend.  Founded by a former speech writer to the late Rev. Jerry Falwell, the group recruits youth into the homosexual lifestyle.  It does this by promoting the idea that certain moral wrongs (like homosexuality, lesbianism and bisexuality) can be the basis for legal rights.  Under cover of the confusion caused by this “reasoning” they inject assertions about Christians, and especially Christian colleges, that are inaccurate.

Soulforce has made a name for itself by taking bus trips around the country.  They fill their buses with homosexuals and their supporters.  These buses attempt to force themselves onto Christian college campuses.  Some campuses call the police and have them arrested for trespassing.  Others choose to enter into a dialogue with them.  They argue that the exchange has educational value.

The group is coming to Maine on Sunday.  They are kicking off a campaign called “Seven Straight Nights for Equal Rights” on Sunday afternoon at the Maine State House.  They will spend only one night in Maine before moving on to other locations.

League reporter Mike Hein called the Sunday gathering a “desecration of the Sabbath.”  Hein will be covering the event for the League.

Hein wrote me and passed along a request:

I will be attending, to report on the event for the League Record online publication.  The Kennebec Journal ran a blurb about it Thursday in the local community events section, but we’ve known about it since August.  What was new to us is the inclusion of pro-homosexual politicians like Congressman Tom Allen, State Senator Ethan Strimling, and local State Rep. Elizabeth “Lisa” Miller all committing to attend.  

…Below you will find links to the event. I would encourage you to spread the word to others who may be interested in attending.  What would be really incredible is to have local pastors and Christian ministries attend to hand out tracts and evangelize the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those who either are engaged in this sin or who are sympathetic to those who do engage in this sin.

OK. Now why would I want to help this guy out? Blender Herb wrote in about this; he monitors the New England fundies (Mass Resistance, the wingnuts in Maine), and thinks Hein has me on his email list to get a few more bible beaters out to these events. He's not gaining much traction up there. Herb:

I have been doing some checking around on Mike Hein.  He has a history of showing up at events and injecting himself into the program to create publicity for himself and the League [see articles here and here].  Most affected by this have been the Wiccans in Maine who have been a subject of the League's attacks.  The League has been more and more ignored in Maine.  When they had their fundraiser recently less than 150 people showed up, many of which were speakers and guests from other parts of New England with very few Mainers attending.  I have a feeling they want to disrupt the Soulforce event and the more people they get there the better chance they will have of getting headlines.  He must feel that your readership is large and he can get more people to attend by having the event publicized by you.  Again he has giant sized gonads to directly contact you like he did.


The Seven Straight Nights for Equal Rights vigils will be held around the country. In my neck of the woods, it will be held in Raleigh:

Location: State Capitol
Map: click here
Vigil Info: Friday, October 12, 2007
Time: Begins at 5:30pm Friday – 9:00am Saturday

This family-friendly event will feature blue grass music and church choirs. We will be thanking several corporate citizens in our state for their leadership on domestic partner benefits.  We will also call on our state legislators to support safe schools by passing anti-bullying legislation that includes sexual orientation. Contact Information:

The McKinney Family is featured as an Action Leader for the event, and they have a statement of support for the LGBT community. Read it after the jump.

The McKinney Family:

Our family is choosing to lead this event because many of our closest friends are gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender.  These friends have stood beside us in our time of need, inspired us by their courage, and celebrated with us in our moments of joy. For all these reasons we love and admire them.

We were horrified when our LGBT friends shared their stories of being condemned and exiled by family members, church leaders, and society in general.  Some have been rejected by their parents. Others have been thrown out of their churches. Most of them suffer some form of discrimination in the work place. The litany of abuse and inequality goes on and on.

Jack is the pastor of Pullen Memorial Baptist Church in Raleigh. His co-pastor, Nancy, and her partner Vickie have an adopted daughter. Only one of them is considered the legal parent of the child; the other partner is not allowed to adopt her.  So if something tragic happens and the “legal” mother dies, there is no law protecting her wishes that her partner raise their daughter. Why? Because they have been in a committed relationship for 10 years? Because one is a minister and the other a teacher? No! Because they happen to love someone who is of the same gender.  

Where is the fairness in this? Even at a young age our children expressed their disgust at this injustice. So what do we do? Tell our children, “Life is not fair?” No! We make choices to support our friends. We take a job in a church which supports LGBT people.  We march and demonstrate for equal rights. We hold vigil. Come and join us as we not only tell our children “Life is not fair” but demonstrate how to be the change we want to see.

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