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“It’s Too Expensive to Reveal Our Role in Mine Disasters”

Elaine Chao (and her acting solicitor Jonathan Snare) must have spent a lot of time with Alberto Gonzales. Because she seems to be parroting him, in an attempt to refuse to comply with Congress’ oversight requests.

The Labor Department said Friday that it could cost millions of dollarsand take months to respond to a House committee’s subpoena looking atthe agency’s oversight of the Crandall Canyon mine in Utah, site of a fatal accident in August.

Jonathan Snare, the department’s acting solicitor, said nearly 15,000documents already had been turned over to the House Education and LaborCommittee before Chairman George Miller (D-Calif.) issued a subpoena in September.


Just searching through their e-mails for material related to theCrandall Canyon mine could cost $3.5 million and take 20 weeks, Laborofficials said.

Uh huh. Are we discovering the same kind of email archiving "problems" the White House has? Or is Labor just trying to turn over the emails they want to turn over?

Because every time some part of the Executive branch gets asked for emails of late, we hear the same story. Too much time, too much money, golly we can’t find those emails you want.

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