Sunday Five Brothers BloggingTagg taunts Lee Siegel

Tagg thinks America is laughing with him, not at him:

You know you’ve made it in life when they do a cartoon of you at the New Yorker magazine. The cartoon below is a funny take on a news clip that Mike Luo at the New York Times revealed a few weeks back that I had had a conversation with my Dad in the early 90’s in which I told him I was considering registering as a Democrat (what can I say, we are all young and foolish once, right?) Fortunately I made the right call and stuck with the Grand Old Party, due in large part to my Dad walking me through the way he saw the differences between the parties and the values that were at their core. I love the Republican beliefs in strength, fiscal conservatism, capitalism, self-reliance, respect for life, and a commitment to family values, to name a few.

From The New Yorker article:

Of course, Mitt would also tell Tagg that we are all God’s children and that one should not hate Democrats—hate the party, not the party member. He would explain that he is personally offended by the way Democrats live their lives and by their perverse fondness for taxes, but he doesn’t oppose their right to live any way they wish. He would emphasize, however, the unhappy truth—as Tagg will learn—which is that Democrats aren’t like ordinary Americans. That knowledge gives Mitt Romney an inner strength. He knows that, if his words alone don’t suffice, there are support groups out there for people who find themselves helplessly sliding from one party to another.

If DadMitt doesn’t prevail, I fear for Tagg…

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