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How Wingnuts Support The Troops

chrisbush.jpgFor those who think that Rush’s ‘phony soldiers’ comment wasn’t a typical example of Wingnuttia’s true feelings about our troops, check this out (scroll halfway down the page):

Pro-War Protesters Assault Father Of Soldier Killed in Iraq
A counter-demonstration was also held by supporters of the war. One prominent peace activist Carlos Arredondo was beaten by pro-war activists. Arredondo’s son Alex died in Iraq three years ago. To honor Alex’s memory, Carlos has been crisscrossing the country pulling a flag-draped coffin. He marched with the coffin on Saturday and then left the march to return the coffin to his truck. That’s when a pro-war supporter tried to rip a photo of Carlos’ son from the coffin. When Carlos tried to save the photograph, he said a group of pro-war activists attacked him.

  • Carlos Arredondo: “I was assaulted by a group of pro-war people. They come into the ground, and they kicked me and punched me. As a citizen of this country, it’s my duty and my responsibility to participate. As a father, who I lost my son in Iraq, I got to honor my son.”

You can watch a YouTube of the incident here.

If the name sounds familiar, it should: Mr. Arredondo was so distraught at the news of his son’s death in Iraq in 2004 that he set himself on fire in an attempt to kill himself. He attended his son’s funeral on a stretcher.

Who were the people who kicked and beat Mr. Arredondo, taking his son’s picture from him? Why, none other than the charming jackbooted thugs of the “Gathering of Eagles” group (with ties to their fellow-traveler thugs FreeRepublic and Michelle Malkin) — who went on to boast about what they did:

An Eagle ran over to the casket and snatched the Marine’s photo from the end. Tucking it to himself, he ran…towards us. Suddenly he was tackled to the ground only five feet from us, and the scene erupted as Eagles jumped in to defend their brother. I heard a scream like nothing I’ve ever heard before, and as I turned, I saw Jake, his face filled with rage, going toward the fight. I grabbed him in a bear hug from the back as I heard his mother yelling at me not to let him get hurt, and Kathy came to assist as Jake’s sheer fury powered him–and dragged me–toward the men wrestling on the ground. There was no way we were letting go.

These fine people, the ones who think it’s fine and dandy to assault a father grieving for his son, were of course honored by George W. Bush the very next day, when their leader Chris Hill met with The Decider. (See picture above.)

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