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Come Saturday Morning: Great Moments In Irony

tutu-coulter.jpgGood morning, everybody! How are you all this fine Saturday morning? I’m doing pretty good, actually, and I hope you are, too.

In light of the recent Stupid Censorship Tricks going on over at a local alleged institution of higher learning — yes, St. Thomas, the one that censors Bishop Desmond Tutu and welcomes Ann Coulter — I thought I’d see what other doings were happening at Tommyville, by checking their events calendar for this past week.

Turns out that last Wednesday, October 3, there was a Banned Books Week event at the library. No, really:



Why hold a Banned Books Week event and then — in that same week — ban one of the world’s great heroes from speaking at your university?

Jewish Voice for Peace (h/t to AlterNet) is asking concerned citizens to contact the Tommies and ask them to let Bishop Tutu speak — and to reinstate Professor Cris Toffolo, who had opposed the censoring and who was then punished for her opposition, as the chair of St. Thomas’ Justice and Peace Studies program. It’s the right thing to do.

UPDATE:  Get this — Michelle “I wuuv internment camps” Malkin was also invited to speak at UST — with the apparent approval of UST president Father Dennis Dease, whose CYA letter implies that his main reason for axing Tutu was that he wasn’t told about the invite:

By Michelle Malkin • April 4, 2006 12:31 PM

Sorry for the late notice–just swamped as usual–but I’m in Minneapolis today for a few appearances. University of St. Thomas at 12noon and later tonight at the Freedom Club.
I’ll log in in the afternoon between events.

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