In a multipart on-the-scene “exclusive” series — complete with photos with alleged naughty bits blacked out — on the Folsum Street Fair in San Francisco, Peter LaBarbera and Allyson Smith of Americans For Truth Against Homosexuality go into almost orgasmic detail about the BDSM going on at the event.

I kid you not, this is “Christian” oppo research gone horribly wrong. From Part One:

How do you describe the most depraved pubic event in the most depraved city in America? Well, we’ll let the pictures do the talking — with our strategically-placed black boxes so as not to reward the perverted exhibitionists who invaded the city’s streets Sunday for the “Folsom Street Fair.” The Fair is an annual street party for BDSM enthusiasts (meaning bondage, discipline, sadism, masochism — or domination/submission) held on several blocked-off city streets here, that reportedly draws hundreds of thousands of “leather” practitioners and curious spectators every year

By the way, Steamworks, a bathhouse that Peter has intimate knowledge of (since the Chicago branch is where he has gone undercover to report on man-on-man depravity), has an almost magnetic draw for LaBarbera (“where men go to engage in anonymous sodomies with other men“) — he managed to photograph a Steamworks booth at Folsum.

The article goes on breathlessly — I think he needs a cold shower after typing this next passage; it's after the jump.


[W]e watched as police standing on the street or just outside the blocked-off perimeter of Folsom did nothing as men walked by baring their genitals (only the men did this; some women bared their breasts). One extended orgiastic scene we witnessed involving several men (see photo below) took place on crowded Folsom Street as hundreds if not thousands of people walked by — yet police took no action.

…In addition to the nudity and public sex acts, there were public whippings and spankings. Some were held at booths: the AIDS Emergency Fund was hawking charity spankings for $5 each — and others apparently occurring spontaneously, if you can say that about an act of consensual, “erotic” violence. We witnessed one man whipping his “partner” on a sidewalk, the “whippee’s” back becoming a brighter red with each round of punishment — done out of love, we are told by the sadists.

…So pervasive was the public (mostly male) nudity that it seemed the more “modest” homosexuals were the ones wearing only underwear or leather chaps exposing their behind.

Apparently Peter has realized that he can no longer report on these BDSM events as homosex-only, so he couches the heterosexual behavior as an anomoly, likely caused by proximity to the homos. He describes another of his photos:

Man leads bare-breasted female slave “partner” around by a dog collar. It appears that in recent years, heterosexual perverts have joined their “gay” brethren at the “fair” in increasing numbers. Talk about a setback for women’s rights … On the flip side, women were also seen leading around their male “slaves” at the twisted “fair” (see photo below).

Why are Peter and Allyson so curiously attracted to these kink festivals?  I personally have no interest in them, but the fact that he had to “escalate” to do “research” on kink beyond his hometown International Mr. Leather convention says quite a bit.

Matt “Bam Bam” Barber and Peter sat down to discuss his eyewitness reporting on the Concerned Women for America radio show (hat tip, Good As You:

Downplayed by homosexual activists as nothing more than “an adult costume party,” the Folsom Street Fair has proven again to be a festival of blasphemy and perversity. Peter LaBarbera, President of Americans for Truth, attended the fair this year and has returned with evidence that the anti-Christian bigotry, sponsored by the Miller Brewing Co., really is as horrid as critics have claimed.  * warning: material not suitable for children.”  Listen | Download

“The whole thing was surreal. And I think it's interesting that the homosexual activists like Pam Spaulding and Wayne Besen…these guys…they attack me because I'm out there trying to show America when a city like San Francisco gives itself over to perversion.”

[UPDATE (10/9): Peter wasn’t pleased with my commentary on his breathless coverage of Folsom Street Fair. He somehow managed to assert that somehow I must approve of the child being present at the Steamworks booth at the BDSM fest. No, Peter, if that were my child, I wouldn’t have him there; it’s clearly a sex subculture-related event for consenting adults. That a child was there has nothing to do with hetero- or homo-sex, it’s about parenting issues and choices in American culture.

Oh, I stand corrected — you’re right, you have never gone incognito at Steamworks; it was International Mr. Leather.]

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding