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The Trannies Are Coming! The Trannies Are Coming! Hide Your Children!

This is a crosspost from my blog over at the Reluctant Democrat. For all of my adult life I have known transgender and intersex people. I am not referring to my friends that do drag. That's another topic altogether. Or is it? The whole tempest in a teapot surrounding whether or not the 'T' in LGBT deserves the same protections as the first three letters is no different that the controversy about whether any of those letters at all deserve protection from discrimination.

But I digress, as I often do. I am a regular (albeit recent) reader of the Blend and thought now might be as good a time as any to contribute. Be on notice: f-bombs and other vulgarity ahead, and mockery of reilgion as well.

The trannies are coming! The trannies are coming! Hide your children! The trannies are coming! Gender confusion is contagious and dangerous. If a fine, honorable, god-fearing, real red-blooded American man were to even just look at a transman or transwoman he could catch 'it' and then abandon the sweet baby jesus and leave his wife and family and start trawling back alleys for chicks with dicks to cornhole him. Seriously.

Seriously? What? The? Fuck? There's bigotry and then there's… there's… there's… this… what I can only describe as mental retardation of the reptilian hindbrain. What I am referring to is the reactionary exclusion of transgender persons from the ENDA legislation currently before Congress. And what is the rationalization given for excluding transgender people from employment non-discrimination? “Which bathroom do they use?” and the perennial favorite of the hate-and-fear-mongers “What are parents supposed to tell their children?”

Well, what do we tell 'the children?' Since of course we all know the Republicans in Congress are so committed to the cause of this nation's children that they vote against funding a healthcare program for poor children. Is it the 'poor' part that turns them off? Just asking. But what do we tell children? We tell them this, “It's a big world full of all sort of people, not all of whom you will like. Some of these people you may even find repellent in their thoughts, beliefs, and conduct. But so long as the only thing being harmed is your sensibility or sense of propriety, shut your fucking mouth and mind you own fucking business.” See how easy and direct and most importantly, right, that was?

So far as the “Which bathroom do they use?”diversionary rationalization is concerned, let's skip over the innuendo of people playing the game of prurient private parts peekaboo in the crapper and let me say “Who fucking cares?” There's a reason we put doors on the stalls to the toilets, right? Latent puritanical shame over the penis and vagina still haunts us to this day, and even though there's a toilet training book for toddlers titled “Everyone Poops” no one likes to admit it. But those are just distractions. The real resistance to transgender inclusion comes from the same place that the more virulent homophobia comes from – shame and self-loathing from repressed urges for same.

Yes that's right boys and girls and everyone in between and those going back and forth, the people who most oppose employment non-discrimination for the cocks-in-frocks crowd are people who themselves want so desperately to cross-dress or are desperately insecure with their own gender identity, but are unable to cope with those desires because of, well, who cares about the 'whys' and 'wherefores' and 'because' at this point. The real motivation – to which none of them will ever admit – is “I feel shame for wanting to do this, so no one else should be allowed to do it because seeing other people do it, or even just knowing that other people are doing it, makes me uncomfortable because I am terrified to face a truth about myself to which I would rather not admit.” Of course the 'it,' is just about anything: homosexuality, transgender, rationalism, atheism, you name it.

So once again we come to the heart of almost all bigotry: the bigot most violently opposes not others, but their own fear of themselves.

And I have to ask, when it comes to gender, what is gender and why should anyone care? All the reasons given why gender should matter that I have come across fall into two categories: “My god makes a person a man or a woman and they don't get to choose otherwise” or “That's the way our society is organized, around a man and a woman and their respective roles, and that's the way it's been for as long as…” And both of those thematic reasons are bullshit.

Let's knock out the latter first. Times change and so do cultures and societies and tradition and custom are not justifications in and of themselves, they are merely tradition and custom, nothing more. Here comes my inevitable whack at religion: you can't prove that your imaginary friend that you call a 'god' exists, so you can't use it as a justification for imposing your will on others.

Gender – and gender identity – only truly matters if you think it does, and even then, only for you. Someone else may feel entirely different. And that is their right. But when it comes down to it, right now it's entirely legal to fire the most diligent, intelligent, conscientious, and competent employee for not adhering to someone else's preconceived notion of what is an appropriate gender-identity. And that's bigotry, nothing else, plain and simple, and it's wrong.

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