Morning Cuppa…

Squeeze, Black Coffee In Bed…

Lots going on in the news and on the blogs this morning. 

— Please make your calls on SCHIP

Ted Olson and Patrick Fitzgerald (yes, that Fitz) are having a lively disagreement on the Reporter’s Shield Law that is up for debate today in the Senate Judiciary Committee.  Both WaPo op-eds make for interesting reads.  I can certainly see the agrument for rigorous press protections on first amendment grounds, while at the same time fully understand the Fitz position that allowing reporters to shield lawbreakers — in a sense becoming a component of the lawbreaking itself — is not acceptable.  There is no clear line answer on this, which is why the debate is fascinating.  Good reads, both of them.

— Oh look, the DOJ under Alberto Gonzales and George Bush has been issuing “bait and switch” memoranda, publicly saying one thing while secretly ordering something altogether different.  This one is about torture and interrogations.  But how many more of those are lingering out there on a broad range of subjects?  Dick Cheney and David Addington and their ilk are leaving a legacy of cruelty, paranoia and falsehoods.  Heckuva job.

— Good for Sen. Byrd, who has introduced amendments on Iran that require express Congressional approval for any action going forward.  No Quarter has the details.

Taylor has the final vote count on the Feingold amendment.

And that’s just for starters.  What’s catching your eye in the news and on the blogs this morning?  Pardon me while I pour another cuppa…

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