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Morning sickness

Here is a nauseating way to start your day.  I just read this bit from the San Francisco Chronicle:…

“Hot seat: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi got quite a warm welcome Tuesday on ABC's chick TV show “The View” – in fact, it was downright steamy.

According to Mary Ann Akers' “The Sleuth” blog on, things started heating up even before Pelosi took the stage when Whoopi Goldberg and news diva Barbara Walters started flirting with the speaker's husband, Paul, who was seated in the front row.

“You wanna take a look at Nancy Pelosi's handsome husband?” Walters asked the audience.

Yes, came the answer in the form of whooping and hollering.

Things went from a slight blush to full red face for Paul Pelosi when Walters turned to Speaker Pelosi and said she'd heard Whoopi once say that she'd “do Paul Newman.”

“And I think she'd like to do your husband as well,” Walters deadpanned.

As Acker notes, Whoopi, being Whoopi, couldn't let Walter's line go and acknowledged, that yes, she'd like to do Mr. Pelosi – then added, “I would do her as well.

“But we should wait on that because you're still in office; I don't want to cause a problem.” Through it all, Speaker Pelosi remained silent behind her signature smile.”

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