Dear John Joe,

I’m filing for a divorce.

Way back in 2004, you told *me” (your transgender partner) — via Cheryl:

In early August, HRC’s Board of Directors took the historic step of adopting a policy that HRC would not support a version of ENDA that doesn’t include gender identity or expression.

Then, you said to me on September 14 (at the Southern Comfort Conference):

We try to walk a thin line in terms of keeping everything in play, and making sure that we move forward but always being clear that we absolutely do not support and in fact oppose any legislation that is not absolutely inclusive, and we have sent that message loud and clear to the Hill.

See, here’s the video of you saying that:

But that’s not what you said today. *You* said instead:

Last night, the Human Rights Campaign’s Board of Directors voted to reaffirm the 2004 policy supporting a fully inclusive version of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act. Therefore, HRC will not support the newly introduced sexual orientation only bill. The board’s position articulates a process for continued dialogue with House leaders about strategies that have been put forth to, in the end, achieve passage of a fully inclusive ENDA.

“We are now faced with definitive Congressional action to move forward a version of the bill stripping gender identity. Though we support a fully inclusive ENDA, we acknowledge the legislative strategy put forth by Congressman Frank and the Democratic leadership to obtain a clear path towards an inclusive bill in the future,” said Human Rights Campaign President Joe Solmonese. “We look forward to working with them to accomplish the goal all of us share – ending workplace discrimination against the entire GLBT community.”

“Since 2004, HRC has had in place a policy that supports only a fully inclusive version of ENDA and the Board of Directors voted to reaffirm that position,” Solmonese continued. “Therefore, we are not able to support, nor will we encourage Members of Congress to vote against, the newly introduced sexual orientation only bill. And will continue working with our allies in Congress to support a comprehensive, legislative strategy to achieve passage of a fully inclusive ENDA as quickly as possible.”

That’s right, you aren’t opposing the plan to treat me like last night’s garbage — you’re just tacitly supporting this plan for inequality.

Some Animals Are More Equal Than OthersI guess to you, what George Orwell said in Animal Farm is true:

All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

As your supposed transgender partner, you keep jilting me. You keep lying to me. You have an equal sign for your logo, you list me on your website as your transgender partner, but instead you treat me like a convenient mistress.

I want a divorce. Take the “transgender” and “T” off your website. Stop giving me reports and such that look like you care about me when — when it really, really counts — you bail on me. There are just so many fish in the sea that have shown they care much more about me more than you ever have.

Bitterly yours,

Autumn Sandeen

Jilted Transgender Activist

P.S. Expect to see me — and my true friends — at all your events soon, talking about being jilted and “unequal” in your eyes.

Autumn Sandeen

Autumn Sandeen