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Eric Massa Calls for Rush Limbaugh To Be Removed From Armed Forces Radio Network

Veteran Eric Massa:

My name is Eric Massa and I’ll go on your show any time, anywhere to expose you to the American people because what you’re doing is wrong.  It’s destructive to this country and it’s hurtful and destructive to our soldiers who are serving in Iraq.  You’re a pompous coward and it’s about time someone called you out on it….You did your best to dodge military service while hundreds of thousands of men and women wore the uniform to give you the privilege of misusing the radio airwaves to spread propagandistic lies that are wholly inaccurate about our military service members….You might have a lot of weight to throw around, but it doesn’t carry a lot of weight with me.

Massa is one of our Blue America candidates, running for congress in NY-29.

It’s picking up steam.

(h/t Howie Klein


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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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