Peter LaBarbera, apparently not satisfied with the leather kinks going on in Chicago, decided to take a field trip to San Francisco to conduct additional “research” into the fetishes he likes to cover. He and Allyson Smith got an eyeful at the Folsom Street Fair, and they filed an educational report for his “Christian” readership that included these candid descriptions.

“Novitiate” Sister of Perpetual Indulgence “Sister Bambi Dextrous” wears a “Bottom for Jesus” shirt at the perverse “Folsom Street Fair” in San Francisco Sunday. Referring to the dominant and submissive positions in homosexual sodomy, he said he usually “tops” but that he “bottoms for Him” (Jesus). As they do every year, the Christianity-mocking “Sisters” welcomed Folsom Street Fair attendees at the various entrances to the Folsom Street Fair and were a major financial beneficiary of it.

…These two reporters for Americans For Truth videotaped and photographed open sex acts on city streets —  including orgies involving men fondling and sometimes fellating one another, as crowds looked on and took photos at this celebration of “kink” that reportedly drews over 200,000 visitors. The relatively small number of police present took a “hands off” approach toward the sadistic “fair” — and did not stop the public sex and nudity.

Now being the boring lesbian nerd that I am, I have to rely on The Peter to teach me about this sexual underbelly, since I lack the deep experience and expertise he has in this realm.

While he goes on and on about the all the deviant homosex he sees occurring on the city streets, he does manage a casual toss-off about “'master-slave' couples, both heterosexual and homosexual” being present at the fair. For a minute there I was almost convinced by The Peter that only gay folks participate in this sort of thing.

Hat tip, Phil.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding