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Surprise, surprise: DC gay bashing suspect has ties to Bush Admin

Why does news like this cease to shock anymore? Maybe because the GOP harbors so many pious patriots that turn out to be punks, predators and pervs at every level.  I guess the only surprise is that most of the behaviors they've been engaging in are no longer flying under the radar.

A Georgetown University sophomore, implicated in a gay-bashing by a fellow student, has ties to the Bush Administration, PageOneQ has learned. 

19-year-old Philip Anderton Cooney, pictured here in the spring of 2005, is the son of fallen Bush aide and American Petroleum Institute oil lobbyist Phil Cooney. 

Phil Cooney was appointed chief of staff with the White House Council on Environmental Quality, suffering criticism for his lack of environmental experience. After his resignation and subsequent hire to a position with ExxonMobil, it was found that Cooney had reportedly tampered with data to support the Bush line on climate change. 

Philip Anderton Cooney was identified by the victim and reported to police thanks to his Facebook profile, which contained a photograph. He is being charged with simple assault, which, as a hate crime, carries a jail sentence of up to 270 days, the Washington Post reports.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding