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Here's a real winner running for Congress

Florida is churning out real freakshow politicians. I'm not sure that Tim Fasano is going to have a ghost of a chance in District 11 (Tampa Bay). An example of why he's shooting himself in the foot — Michael Hussey of Pushing Rope was named best local blogger by Creative Loafing. Fasano, who gets ribbed frequently by Hussey, decided to unload this:

Now he wins an award from THE Creative Loafing which will never run a negative article about Ahmadinejad (Hussy's love partner). They even mention my blog as they give him the award as if it was some Goddamn big deal to call out a CAB DRIVER!

Well, I don't think it's the whole cab driver matter. Fasano's writings might have been the problem. You decide:

    “I really believe the answer to this war is to kill all Muslims on Earth and destroy any written or computer record of this horrible religion.”

Was MLK really color blind? I know his followers are not. Why is it that a racial separatist holiday that can only really be celebrated by one race has been rammed down our throats?

Michael also notes that candidate Fasano's blogging might be have a bit of an effect on his prospects for winning, particularly if he wants the women's vote.

One does not title a blog post “Show Me Your Tits!” because he is a fan of Blogher. He refers to female passengers as “bitch.”

Yes, a real winner.

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