Hey! More World Cup and soccer stuff!Having a rough season of her own…

For, hopefully, the last word on Greg Ryan and Hope Solo, we turn the blog over to the Lovely & Talented Casey from comments below:

As a soccer player of 15 years now, and a defender, I know what it is like to have a keeper change from one you have played with for a while to one that you haven’t played with at all. IT SUCKS. You don’t know what the keeper is going to do because you are not used to them. Ryan should have taken into account that the defense wouldn’t be used to Scurry because it a realatively (sic) new defense who didn’t play with her in the ’99 World Cup. They would have no idea how she would play. And although the US team played flat, changing a keeper at the last moment can cause the defense to play flat which can cause the midfield to play flat and so on. It affects the entire team not just the ones playing back there with her.

Secondly, I completely agree with what Solo said. Although, she may have taken a shot at Scurry, she said what was on her mind and, I think, the only reason her team didn’t back her up is because after seeing what happened to Solo, they were afraid that Ryan would do the same thing to them. Solo said what was on her mind and I completely admire her for that. She didn’t sit back and take crap like that when she knew she could have done a better job. As a player, she is one of my heroes.

As for the team, Ryan is gone… Solo will be back next year.
–The L&T Casey

More good World Cup stuff by someone very knowledgeable (as indicated by her correct claim that Michelle Akers is the greatest woman player ever) here, courtesy of gttim

The L&T Casey has also given me permission to comment (“tactfully”, her word) on her college soccer experience.

It’s been a rough start, but that was to be expected when she chose to go with a program that is only 14 months old and is already on its second coach. The result: 0-8 on the season.

Recruited as a defender she was recently moved to center mid, a position she hasn’t played since she was fourteen. (A move, by the way, I predicted would happen after watching her practice with the team before the season started. Casey has mad foot skillz.) Having had the opportunity to see the team play last weekend in Utah and Arizona, I would say that they have a ways to go, but you have to give them credit for not giving up. Playing against programs with 20-24 players, they have a bench with only five subs of which, on any night, only two or three are healthy. After games , they look like a MASH unit, sporting enough ice bags to replace the polar ice cap. Casey has played every minute of every game, the last two with a sprained vertebrae in her back which prevents her from taking a deep breath, and that’s just fine with her. The time played…not the injury and that breathing part.

Anticipating that she will be playing in the midfield for the next few years, she is going to change her training for next summer, and instead of playing soccer (she was supposed to go play in New Zealand for two weeks) she is going to work out at a local boxing club to improve her foot speed and for the cardio workout. Learning how to effectively punch people is just a bonus.

More importantly she is playing a program where she is having fun, playing a lot, and isn’t under so much pressure that it feels like a job. I think that is why they call it ‘play’.

That, and she gets to live in Hawaii.

Poor kid.



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