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And now, with single stunning act of craven obsequiousness and invertebrate ass-kissing, the betrayal of the American public by the “Democratic” majority is complete. They promised to get us out of Iraq and they didn't. But they have time to WASTE passing FRIVOLOUS resolutions againt organizations who feel the need– because of Congress' INACTION — to use their First Amendment rights to publicly ask why NOBODY in this government is even attempting to do ANYTHING to end this demented holocaust.
Roll over George Orwell and tell Sinclair Lewis the news– Not only CAN it happen here, it just DID.
When a baboon does this to appease another, larger, baboon, it is called “presenting.” It is the ultimate act of capitulation. Ah, but the Congress does have one ray of sunshine on them in this situation, because it isn't them–it is US, the voters who foolishly trusted them, who are gonna get… Well, if you don't know what I mean after six years of Bush, you're probably a bit numb from it.

— Chuck

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