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Saturday at NC Pride

Sorry for the lack of posting, but I'm pooped from the whirlwind DC trip. Today Kate and I are going to NC Pride  (we hold ours later because it's too damn hot in June), so I'll have pix later. I'll be curious to see how many folks are talking about the ENDA debacle.

Sean Bugg, who was on the panel with me yesterday, has his take on ENDA at his pad. Take a look and weigh in.

As I told him, I'm willing to let a trans-inclusive ENDA fail, even though I happen to be a lesbian living in a state where there is no anti-discrimination protection at the state level. I may be protected working for a university, but my wife Kate works for the state, and there's no protection for her, no partner benefits, nada. She's willing to wait for a trans-inclusive ENDA rather than leaving Ts behind to a fate uncertain. While many corporations in our state do offer protections, the fact is that I doubt most businesses or the state government in NC will do anything for us (or Ts) unless it happens at the fed level. That's the reality of Red State America.


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