A blast from the past…have you had enough John Doolittle?  Vote Charlie Brown…

— I’ll be doing the Sam Seder Show on Sunday with Atrios and Matt Yglesias.  The world may never be the same… 

— Rep. John Doolittle is fighting his federal subpoena in the Abramoff investigation, according to the AP, via WaPo.  What the AP fails to say in its brief snippet is that while legitimate Congressional legislative activity is protected, using that legislative activity for personal enrichment in a bribery or other alleged criminal scheme is NOT protected.  Because it’s not only a crime, it’s a grievous breach of public trust.  Which is exactly what the grand jury investigating corruption associated with Jack Abramoff and the GOP/KStreet money machine are looking into in connection to Doolittle and a whole lot of others — in Doolittle’s case, requesting 11 years worth of records from the Congressman and five of his staffers.  Wonder why the AP failed to mention the criminal conduct exception, don’t you?  Can you say taking defense attorney stenography?  I knew you could.  Jeebus, did they learn nothing from the Libby case?  Because we did — and it is that you shouldn’t trust legal spin when it’s dutifully repeated by the media. 

As McClatchy notes, the records requested go back to 1996, which is about the time that Doolittle met Jack Abramoff.  Sounds to me like Jack has been busy spilling a whole lotta beans.  As DumpDoolittle notes, even the folks at RedState want Doolittle out.  Obviously, we’d prefer someone in office in that district that isn’t a RedState fave — which is why we support Blue American candidate Charlie Brown.  You can contribute to Charlie Brown’s campaign on our Blue America page.

— Speaking of Blue America, the WSJ has a little vignette on Daniel Biss’ Act Blue donations.  Daniel is also one of our Blue America candidates, and it is great to see him get some press — he’s a great guy.

— Good heavens.  Even David Broder thinks the Bush veto threat on SCHIP is idiotic.

— My Name Is Earl pulled a Scooter Libby joke.  (H/T to Atrios.)

— John Dean had a dire statement on the current state of the rule of law in a HuffPo interview:

He quickly added, “I do feel strongly that the Republicans have so abused the law and embedded so many people within the system, within the executive branch, that’s it’s going to take a couple of terms of Democratic presidents before you have people there who are representing the American people.”

Sort of lays out the marathon slog ahead in stark language, doesn’t it?

— Just so it is clear, I am with Matt and Glenn:  no retroactive immunity.  No way.

— Almost time for new Bruce.  And he had a preview of the new album with the E Street Band this morning on the Today show.  Boo yah!

What Digby said.

What is catching your eye in the news and on the blogs today?  And, while I’m at it, Friday afternoon seems like a great time to step out of the “reading but not commenting” mode and introduce yourself.  So, for all the readers out there, how about saying hello?  We’d love to meet you.

Christy Hardin Smith

Christy Hardin Smith

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