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Defense Attorneys Panel

As expected, Mark Geragos is in CA trying to keep Brent Wilkes out of jail. And perhaps to subpoena a bunch of corrupt Congressmen.

Laurie Levenson
Makes a joke about Geragos being in trial or on TV or both.

Talks about loading up your pleadings–"they’re more likely to get it right." You can comment on public records, so put stuff in your pleadings so you can refer back to it.

Discussion of cameras in the court room. May be courts saying cameras are alright in near future.

Should there be ethical codes on those who appear on the press? (Victoria Toensing, I’m looking at you!!) Suggestion of voluntary guidelines. Should lawyers have to disclose biases (she raises Geragos commenting on Scott Peterson case after having representing him (or do I have it reversed or the wrong damn pop culture case)?

Michael Tigar

Makes a case for the importance of First Amendment protections in cases.

Notes that on Nichols case, people would talk to NYT but not the defense team themselves.

"If you’re not restrained it harms the client. I don’t think jurors like it." Quotes a juror saying, "I think it makes a piss poor impression," appearing on TV.

Sound bite journalism is bad for the client, because we are not in charge of how it’s used.

Harold Haddon

Talks about the JonBenet Ramsey case–the leaks from the FBI and Boulder authorities in an attempt to get one of the parents to flip on the other.

Defense lawyers without as much information as the police early in the case–prevents defense lawyers from speaking publicly when the narrative on the trial is being set.

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