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Glenn Beck’s Fake Pro-Gay Outrage

Check out Glenn Beck on CNN – have you ever seen such fake outrage, coming from a guy who recently said “lesbians aren't real women”?

Like the “gay patriots”, Glenn Beck is a little too slow, Joe.  These idiots are throwing a fit, when gay organizations have been on the Iran/Iraq gay killings for several years.  The hangings of those two boys is nothing new, and the same with the other photos shown in Beck's segment.  Old news.

What has happened is the media at large has ignored these stories, nor has Condi Rice made an effort to address the issue, after being pestered by gay groups to do so.  Now that Ahmadinejad has made the public remark about “no homosexuals being in Iran” and finally making Americans aware of the gay killings in Iran, the wingnuts and their pundits (including republican gay prostitutes Jeff Gannon and Matt Sanchez) has copied that fake outrage.  Even Ann Coulter, in all her stupidity, asked for a “fatwa”.

This is NOT breaking news.  It's just that Americans are so fucking stupid, and so wrapped up in reality shows, American Idol and other mind-numbing shit, that they don't have a clue on what's happening.  The media needs to bring up the fact that the gay organizations have been on this story for a long time – it's just the republicans and kooks have stolen the story for political gain at the right moment.  It was a smooth move, you can blame the “liberal media” for that!  And I'm being serious, the Iranian gay killings shouldn't be new news, because it's not!

The fake outrage from Beck, Sanchez, Gannon, FOX News, Coulter, Hannity, and the other wingnuts and kooks is fucking hilarious!  They are horrible actors, though!

Glenn Beck's fake pro-gay outrage on CNN (video)

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