orrin_hatch.jpgHow badly are Republicans sweating the threatened Presidential veto of SCHIP when they send Sen. Orrin Hatch out to call bullshit flipping nonsense on the Bush Administration false claims about the legislationFrom the WaPo:

Backers of the congressional bill, including conservative Republican Sens. Orrin G. Hatch (Utah) and Charles E. Grassley (Iowa), have said repeatedly that Bush is dead wrong about the $83,000 figure. Only New York has sought to cover children from families with incomes that high, and the administration turned down the request.

But both sides have dug in. Moderate Republicans openly fretted yesterday that the White House had made the House GOP its firewall, to their political detriment. “I’m a little baffled as to why the Bush people picked this issue to fight it out on,” said Rep. Ray LaHood (Ill.). “It’s very sensitive. It’s about kids. Who’s against kids’ health care?”

According to the vote in the House, a whole lot of Republicans — that’s who’s against kids’ health care.  How’s that for a campaign visual going into 2008, and one that they are doing to themselves by continuing to take WH marching orders instead of thinking about the needs of their constituents.  

I’m with PW — bring it up for a vote and then smack them upside the head with it until it knocks some sense into them.  President Large Ego can drag all his pals along for the joy ride right out of office — or they can support health care for children (PDF) that makes both ethical and fiscal sense.

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