Because Mommy can’t foam and sputter about
the America-haters
with you around, sweetie.
Now get your ass on the bus.

Crazy, perpetually pissed-off Michelle:

Diversity worship? Check.

Enviro-worship? Check.

“Choice?” The kind that Planned Parenthood supports, no doubt, and not educational vouchers, I’m sure.

File under: Reason number 10,000,000 to homeschool your children.

A little over two weeks ago:

I got a late start this busy Monday morning. Lots of news breaking and we’ll get to all of it. But none of it was more important this morning than my son’s very first day of preschool.

Why doesn’t Michelle homeschool her kids?

M is for Muslims.
They’ll cut off your head.
N is for New York Times.
They want you dead.

Actually, forget I even mentioned it…



Yeah. Like I would tell you....