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While Big Media Was Busy Freaking Out Over Ahmadinejad…

curtain.JPGThe following things were happening:

— A new and extensive study from Princeton University showing that black Americans with clean records are no more likely to be hired than are white ex-cons. (And forget about trying to get a job at all if you’re a black ex-con. Let’s not go into how the arrest threshold is lower for blacks than it is for whites.)

— Wow, some frickin’ NUKES went missing, y’know, looks like they just fell off the truck or something on their way to go bomb Iran. Larry Johnson calls bullshit on this: Simple Error My Ass!

— Former ABC anchor Ted Koppel breaks the Big Media omerta and comes out swinging on Dan Rather’s behalf (h/t McCamy Taylor): “Calling the ouster of Dan Rather from CBS News in 2006 a ‘travesty,’ newsman Ted Koppel said today that he hopes the $70 million suit filed by Mr. Rather against CBS and Viacom will bring Mr. Rather ‘relief from his [emotional] pain.'”

Bush and the Republicans are dicking the Democrats in Congress around on the budget for Fiscal Year 2008, which starts next Monday, October 1. When I was a little girl, the nation’s budgets were always done on time, but when the Republicans took over Congress in 1994, they started the practice of constantly fighting then-President Clinton and the Democrats over the budget, even shutting the government down TWICE in Clinton’s first term. Nowadays, the Republicans under Bush’s command are such pricks that they won’t even agree with Democrats on such simple things as the continuing resolutions needed to keep the government going without an official budget.

— Oh, and we’ve been telling our troops to set out “bait” as entrapment for Iraqis so we can justify shooting them, civilians or not. And then we wonder why the Iraqis hate our guts?

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