The Brian and Amy radio show (a.k.a MassResistance)

Boston Bud over at MassResistance Watch keeps an eye on the pathetic anti-gay activities of the Bay State's “Porno Pete”, Brian Camenker. He and Amy Mann were booted from their ridiculous radio show months ago, but are back on the air, and Boston Bob listens so you don't have to.

Well people, we got another shout out from the Massresistance Duo Brian and Amy on their recent Hate Show. They want people to call the station and tell them how much you LOVE their show. That's sounds kinda weird since they are paying for the airtime themselves. The radio station also continues the announcement (I'm paraphrasing) “the opinions of this radio show DO NOT reflect the opinions of the radio station, its staff or it's owners”.

Today's show was the same load of crap, obsessing about transgender issues and bathrooms. However Amy definitely dominated the program. (Is she wearing men's clothing today, i.e., pants?) Oh they do so love gender specific clothing.

Well, we're going to take a break.

And we're back.

That last bit of business about the break Bob explains in another post:

Let me just say that I think it's hilarious how Brian says they are taking “breaks” during the segments when there are no sponsors of his program. His “and we're back” is also funny since they didn't go anywhere. (Brian probably does this so anyone who downloads their radio shows will think they have sponsors)

Apparently The Peter has been on the program to discuss the whole ENDA/transgender issue, something Brian and Amy apparently obsess about quite often these days, as there's no hope for change on the same-sex marriage front in Massachusetts.

On this past weekend's show they had on Porno Pete LaBarbara from the anti-gay organization he started in Chicago and some guy running for the Congressional seat in the 5th district as a “Constitution” party candidate.

The first 30 minutes or so was dominated by Brian and Amy ranting on bathrooms. No, they weren't talking about Republican Senator Larry Craig having sex in the bathrooms, they were complaining about people Amy believes are transgendered people using the bathroom. Countless times Amy would reiterate “We're not the ones obsessed with bathrooms” and then go on to obsess with bathrooms. Amy appears to think that every woman who is above 6' is a man dressed in drag and just eager to sit in the stall next to her. Brian would occasionally chimed in but this segment was all Amy.

Do these people know how ridiculous they sound? I know, I know. It's just hard to fathom how people at outfits like MassResistance, AFTAH, FRC, AFA, etc. make it through the day. They think about the gay/trans straw man night and day. It really is an obsession so unhealthy that it's hard to believe people actually give their hard earned dollars to support the obsessions.

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