So … in tonight’s debate will Tim Russert ask the question Matt, Chris and I asked in the Richardson ad: how many residual troops will you leave in Iraq? and will he followup until the candidates answer?

I’ve got my popcorn ready and I’m going to be watching carefully. Care to join me?

The LivingLiberally folks have provided a drinking game in case you need something stronger than my ice tea (with lots of lemon!) and Chris Bowers is – I think – at the debate so we may hear some good gossip later on OpenLeft.

I’m also planning to toss $5 into the BlueAmerica PAC every time I would rather throw something at the TV – since our work will need more better Democrats no matter who wins the nomination. (I may regret this!)

So …what question are you hoping to hear asked? and what’s the answer?

And while you’re watching: The Richardson campaign has launched a second version of the Get the Troops Out map – one which does not link your participation or email addy to the campaign itself. They are hoping that everyone – no matter which candidate they support – will add their video, photo or note to the map so we can show the inside the beltway crew that outside DC folks want out of Iraq now. You can join in at United to End the War. As the campaign explains:

Ending this war will take more than just one candidate, one campaign, or one group. Richardson for President understands it will take a united movement, so we are offering a version of this map without branding, and with a different data policy, to any group or person who can’t use our Richardson for President version.

So sign up and share the link to the map on your own blogs or with friends!



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