Twenty hours later Mitt’s sphincter finally unclenchedWhat happens in the luxury box, stays in the luxury box

Quite frankly, I thought Christmas had come early when I saw the headline:

Romney Says Craig’s Actions ‘Disappointing’

When aides to former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney booked him on CNBC’s Kudlow & Company Tuesday, it probably wasn’t to discuss sexual solicitation in an airport mens room.

But there it was — the first question for Romney: “What is your comment on the Craig problem, sir?”

My first thought, and I’m guessing Mitt’s first thought, was that the littlest Romney had finally snapped en route to meeting up with the MittMobile and needed to satisfy his urgings before driving with Josh to see the Worlds Biggest Maxipad or something. But, no, famous cokehead Larry Kudlow was talking about the moral failings of Mitt Romney’s former Senate liaison Larry Craig.

But never mind that, they ended up talking about Bill Clinton getting a blow job.

No, really. He did.

It was in all of the papers.



Yeah. Like I would tell you....