When you can't find legitimate peer-reviewed journals to publish your “research” on homosexuality, what do you do? If you're Paul Cameron, you just launch a vanity journal with an academic-sounding name to try to fool the mainstream media that the bullsh*t in it is science.

Behold, the work of Cameron and George Rekers:

The Empirical Journal of Same Sexual Behavior (EJSSB). What a ponderous, pretentious title for a sack full of you-know-what.

Jim Burroway is on the case.

Cameron intends to dress this “journal” up as an academic journal, but that doesn’t mean it will actually be one. Because there are some 1,700 real social science journals listed in Journal Citation Reports, an article in the most reputable journals may still be read by only a few thousand professionals around the world. But that’s not who Cameron is targeting. Instead he wants to draw in thousands of unsuspecting readers on the internet, few of whom will realize that it isn’t a reliable journal — or even a real one.

…Cameron is among the most extreme of the anti-gay activists, and he’s become something of a persona non grata in more respectable quarters for many reasons: whether they be his numerous ethical violations, his widespread abuses of science, or his deeply chilling solutions that he poses for the “homosexual problem” in America — including his admiration for how Auschwitz commandant Rudolph Hoss dealt with homosexuals in the 1930’s.

As Jim notes, the real reason for launching a rag like this is to provide pseudo-scientific passages that can be lifted and quoted time and again on anti-gay religious news services, and for fundies who go on the MSM talking head shows to quote, knowing the reporter won't follow up to question the legitimacy of any statistics cited.


Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding