It seems like only yesterday:

I get asked a lot what makes my Dad such an effective candidate. There are a number of important characteristics, but one of the ones that really strikes people that get to know him is his incredible energy level. The guy thrives on getting the job done in a pressure situation. The only person I’ve ever known with as much energy as my Dad is my grandfather, who (legend has it) used to play 9 holes of golf with 2 different balls at 5 am every morning. His only club was a 7 iron, and he would run from shot to shot. And then he began his day (as CEO of American Motors and later as a 4-term Governor of Michigan). My Dad inherited that energy and sense of purpose from his Dad. He doesn’t so much “march” in parades as he does run in them, from side to side shaking as many hands as he can along the way. He doesn’t take Labor Day off, he runs in a NH parade and holds 2 town halls and a press conference. He is earning support in the early primary states the old fashioned way, he’s earning it. He is holding town hall meetings, he’s meeting with local activists, he’s answering people’s tough questions. In the process, he is demonstrating the type of President he will be—someone who will work as hard as possible to do everything he can to make America stronger, someone who will listen to the people of America, someone who will surround himself with the best possible team of advisors, and someone who will just plain get the job done.

Clank…whirrrrrr…ca-chunk cachunk…..ffffsssssttttt:

Former Governor Mitt Romney is cancelling his presidential campaign schedule in South Carolina this weekend after getting sick during a rush to raise money before the end of the month.

Romney had cancelled an appearance Tuesday in Bakersfield, California, to recuperate, but now he’s going to stay in Utah for the weekend after a stop there on Friday.

Aides say Romney picked up a cold during a busy span that saw him address a Republican Leadership Conference in Michigan last weekend and then head to the West Coast for five days of public and private events.

Must be some kind of a cold that’s knocking the Energizer Mormon out for an entire week. But you have to admit that it will make a great excuse if his fundraising isn’t up to par.

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